The first innovation to donational healthcare staffing
"The Company Built with a Heart"

The first innovation to donational healthcare staffing out of Carlsbad, CA

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The key aspect of LyfeSavers Care Technicians Plus is to provide quality services performed by Registered Nurses (RN), Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVN), Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA), and different types of Technicians. Our employees are educated skilled caregivers providing services to private homes, skilled nursing facilities, and Hospitals.
While also, creating a savings to donate money through the Pink N'Blue Campaign to help improve the lives of our family, friends, animals, and ecosystem.
LyfeSavers is a company that has a NO Bullying Guideline, which prohibits bullying in the work place, to protect the mental wellbeing of our employees.
LyfeSavers company owner, September experienced not having health insurance coverage for 5 years, working as a CNA for a staffing company. LyfeSavers offers employees ways to keep full time insurance on a part time level. LyfeSavers Policy deems it neither correct nor proper to have employees working in a hospital around sick and/or injured patients, and not receive their own access to healthcare.
LyfeSavers motivation is not just to employ healthcare workers, but to make a change to the economy surrounding it. A healthy work place makes health workers thrive, plus makes changes to the way employees are treated and represented in the work atmosphere.

The Pink N’Blue Campaign

Provide orphans with a safe place to experience healing, be assured of their value, and be given opportunities to explore fun, new things like swimming, art, music and field trips. After camp finishes, volunteers have been able to help some children get adopted, receive medical help, and advocate for other needs.

Our five day summer camps center around bringing forgotten children out of orphanages to experience a week of fun, love, and attention. Often times this includes many firsts for the kids – their first time swimming, their first time eating ice cream, and their first time hearing “I love you”. Demonstrating God’s love in action is what camp is all about.
Taiyuan, China, Zhengzhou, China, Chongqing, China, and Kunming, China
Frosted Faces Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non profit corporation dedicated to developing and delivering solutions to fulfill the promise of family and adequate veterinary care for senior dogs whose love and lives are in jeopardy.
  • Our goal is to rescue and improve the lives of as many senior dogs as our resources allow. We always need Forever Foster Families to open up their homes to provide end of life care for our Frosted Faces.
  • We offer financial assistance to owners whose senior pets unexpectedly become ill or develop chronic conditions that require long term medication, and treat pre-existing conditions of newly adopted senior dogs within the first 60 days of adoption.
  • Success of our fundraisers and generous donations benefit the Frosted Faces by funding medical treatment, supplies, and enables us to rescue more senior dogs. Please consider attending and spreading the word about our events and/or donating.
One in four people will be impacted by cancer. The Foundation provides financial assistance to active Good Samaritan Medical Center – Cancer Centers of Colorado patients who are not insured, or do not have adequate insurance coverage to meet the economic burden of their health care bills for cancer care. Your generosity will help those in need of financial assistance, allowing them to focus on healing.

Ever have a day when an unexpected hardship occurs? The Foundation supports employees during times of financial hardship – with small loans that can help them and their families get through rough times. Your gift can make a difference in the lives of those who provide care for others.

Equipment & Technology Fund, Community Health & Wellness Fund, Education & Training Fund, and Bricks & Mortar Fund
How protecting our ocean's biodiversity will help humanity
The oceans are home to an incredible diversity of life and they supply humans with vital ecosystem services providing food, employment, and recreation. However, mismanagement of fisheries and the compounding effects of pollution and climate change have caused a massive loss of biodiversity, driven numerous species towards extinction, and resulted in serial depletion of species that humans catch for food. Dr. Cameron Ainsworth at the University of South Florida studies the impact that human beings have on marine ecosystems with the hope that he can influence marine policy to recognize and abate these negative effects. His research is used to inform government and conservation organizations dealing with various environmental problems including threatened species, oil impacts, food security, and climate change.
Support marine ecosystem research by contributing to Benefunder.