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"When September was 20 years old, she got her first job as a caregiver in Escondido CA.; this is where she first learned the trade as a young adult. She tried different career paths and ultimately felt the calling to begin a career in nursing, starting first with her CNA. Upon finishing her classes for the certification, September quickly found employment with a skilled nursing company in Carlsbad CA. Additionally, she studied business with the intention to pursue a career in economics through Mira Costa College.


Founder - September Rose

Through her job, she became aware of the diverse and varied personality changes the elderly go through as they progress through the ending stages of life. The wisdom gained from these observations was valuable and created a stronger recognition of their needs. The revelation that these patient's grew up years before her and may not see the world as she does has had a profound effect on her. In response, September has learned what it means to be timely and observant in working with her patients and the importance of honest respect for the elderly.

Working in skilled nursing facilities has changed September and what she wants to do with her life. It's changed her life because CNA's are the first respondents to the disabled in hospitals, skilled nursing homes and private residences when help is needed. Doctors, Registered Nurses (R.N) and Licensed Vocational Nurses (L.V.N) cater to the medications that are needed etc., but CNA's cater directly to the personal need: such as feeling, discomforts, wants, wishes, desires, bathroom needs, and body movement. Although workers are CNAs, they are reminders of family and friends, which is needed when there is a loss for self. This part is the forgotten or overlooked and must change. September decided to change her schooling plans to become a small business owner of a healthcare staffing company, because she understands the elderly and wants change for the workers of all types.
September Johnson has been a CNA for 6 years and has worked with many companies that didn't provide health care. Staffing companies make so much money and give nothing back, so there must be change. That's why she came up with the Pink N'Blue Campaign, which donates to organizations designed to help cure disease, feed the homeless, build parks, save animal's life's, and create a cleaner ecosystem. Even if change is slow, there still can be change, but always remember that a happy worker is a good worker.